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"Hi Kevin, just wanted to drop a note, update you on our growth and say thank you for the chance you took with us. It has made some many things possible for our company.

We have almost doubled our capacity by adding 3 large pieces of equipment. We are building our cash reserves with the profits, have added 4 more people and doubled our sales in the last 3 months.

We are working on a few new contracts so that we are not fully dependent on our biggest customer.

Anyways, any time you are in the area and would like to stop by, you�re welcome.

Thank you again, and by the way Felicia has been given me the best service."
- S. Crisan


"Thank you for helping our company make it through our cash flow pinch. In these times, when capital is beyond impossible to raise, I am convinced that without your support APEX would not have turned our first corner. My most sincere appreciation to you, your staff, and your company; Pre-Banc was very supportive to our needs. Thanks again and keep my seat warm."
- APEX Environmental Recovery, Inc.


"I would like this opportunity to thank you for all you and your organization have done for my company over the last few years.  We experienced tremendous growth in 1997 and as is the challenge with all growing businesses, we having difficulties financing this growth.  We were too small and did not have a long track record to be attractive to the banking community.

My personal relationship with you lead to a business relationship between our two firms which allowed us to take advantage of opportunities we could not otherwise undertaken.  Your financing approach was just what we needed at the time to get us over a hurdle of growth.  We went on to have a highly profitable year, which could not have been done without the cash flow provided by your financing. 

Again, thank you for all you have done."
- L.T. Excavating, Inc.


Our service area covers all of the western United States.


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  Pre-Banc Business Credit Inc.
  18818 Teller Avenue   Ste. 101
  Irvine, CA 92612

Loans will be made pursuant to the Department of Corporations Commercial Finance Lenders Law. California Finance Lender License #603-2225