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When money is unavailable from banks, the additional pressures from monetary concerns can be daunting. Here are some Do's and Don'ts to consider when you are looking for asset based lending.

Don't gamble that your checks will not hit the bank before your deposit. Bank overdraft charges are expensive and it is the quickest way to loose credibility with your banker and supplier.

Don't borrow long term for short term working capital needs. If you continue to grow the term loan, it will probably not be enough. If business slows down, the loan will probably be too much and you will be stuck with the larger payment.

Don't let growth get out of hand if you do not have the capital to support it. Uncontrolled sales can sell a company right into bankruptcy.

Do talk to your banker. Lay it on the line and ask for his advice and consent to financing your needs. Treat your banker the same as your accountant or your doctor. Tell him where your company is hurting and how you think he could help the pain.

If your banker says no, then give us a call !!! For a fast answer on what we can do for YOUR company, call us at (949) 955-2262 or email us and a representative will contact you shortly.

To serve you better, you can download the AR Financing Application and the Individual Financial Statement. Please fill out the forms, and fax it back to our office at (949) 955-9199 or you can scan it in your scanner and email it back to us. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Our service area covers all of the western United States.

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Loans will be made pursuant to the Department of Corporations Commercial Finance Lenders Law. California Finance Lender License #603-2225